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Buy Typical years

Typical years

Typical years


If you need Meteonorm datasets at specific sites only every now and then, you can buy the typical years you need.

Price per location: 125 CHF
(excluding VAT)

Please note the following details for an efficent processing of your order:

  • Site name and country
  • Exact coordinates of latitude and longitude
  • Altitude
  • Desired parameters (e.g. global radiation, temperature, DNI)
  • Desired format (e.g. PVSol or TMY3)
  • Desired time step (month, day, year)

Use our coordinate tool to determine latitude and longitude of your site.

The results of the typical year are based on the latest period of Meteonorm: 1996-2015 for radiation and 2000-2019 for all other parameters.

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